About Eddington

About us

About us

Eddington is a new sustainable, long-lasting and ambitious community in Cambridge designed to offer a high quality of life to enhance the City, surrounding area and University of Cambridge.

Designed and built to be a neighbourhood – not just a place to live – the University of Cambridge’s planners have worked with local groups to design and deliver the elements needed for a community to thrive. These include a school, nursery, shops, market square, community centre, sports facilities and green open spaces for people to enjoy.

Eddington is designed with high sustainability specifications to help support a healthy, active and environmentally conscious community. This includes using renewable and low carbon energy systems, harvesting and reusing rain water and unique waste and recycling collection – as well as providing the infrastructure for public transport, cycling and walking.

Eddington was named after the renowned astronomer, mathematician and physicist Sir Arthur Eddington, a Cambridge alumnus and resident in the local area in the early part of the twentieth century.

Eddington is the first step in the North West Cambridge Development, which is the largest capital project in the history of the University of Cambridge.

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