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University of Cambridge

Evolving Cambridge with an award-winning masterplan

The University’s long-term position in Cambridge uniquely affords an opportunity to create a sustainable and high quality design place as an urban extension to Cambridge.

The masterplan for the area includes architecture that has been inspired by Cambridge: College courts, city parks, active street life, formal and informal landscaped areas.

The masterplan for Eddington has careful consideration of the sense of place and how thresholds, unity, rhythm of the place will all contribute to create a long-lasting place. Consideration of materials evoke the character of Cambridge.

Aecom won the ‘Masterplanning – Future Projects’ Award for the North West Cambridge Development masterplan at the World Architecture Festival 2014 in Singapore.

Message from Vice-Chancellor

Cambridge is a great, world-leading university.

The University of Cambridge’s global reputation for excellence is underpinned by a vibrant community of students, researchers, administrators and support staff. Creating an environment that meets their professional needs and bolsters their aspirations is essential to attracting and retaining the most talented individuals and their families. This is what the North West Cambridge Development seeks to achieve.

The North West Cambridge Development is the most significant capital project in the University’s history. It is also its most ambitious effort to strengthen our sense of community by providing affordable housing, communal facilities, parklands, commercial space and transport links for the University and the city.

At the heart of the North West Cambridge Development is Eddington. Built in close collaboration with local authorities, residents and the wider community, Eddington is a model for new large-scale housing developments designed to enhance a city’s infrastructure. Open to the public as well as to members of the University, Cambridge’s newest district already offers occupants, neighbours and visitors a template for inclusive and sustainable living.

We hope that you will be inspired by our vision for the North West Cambridge Development, and that you will take some time to find out more about it.

Professor Stephen Toope

Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge.


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