What Eddington residents think about living in this new community

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Thoughts from Eddington residents

“What we most like about Eddington is that it is a wonderful place to live in and yet the rent prices are affordable. Recently I was lucky to have been awarded a 3-year fellowship to continue doing research in the University. But if not for Eddington I would probably have declined the award, as we would not have been able to afford living in Cambridge comfortably.” – 2019 resident

In 2019, the teams at Eddington asked all of its residents what they thought about living here. See the results here.


What Eddington residents think about their homes

Kingsley Gale-Sides, one of Eddington’s first residents, said: “Rental prices in Cambridge meant the key worker scheme at Eddington was the only way I could afford to live in a high quality apartment, with generous space, but also in a leafy, pleasant location close to everyday amenities.

The quality of the build here is high meaning the homes offer exceptional value for money. The accommodation is great – bright and airy. I am in a ground floor apartment, which has high ceilings and large windows letting in lots of natural daylight.”

Vikash Singh, who moved to Eddington with his wife Shalu Grewal and their son Vihaan, said: “The community here is wonderful; the kids have each other to play with and a nice play area where you know they are safe.

It’s also very international which is fantastic. We’ve found other families from a similar cultural background as us who we can talk to and really have something in common.”

Lisa Salloway said: “I would never ever be able to afford something like that normally, not on my salary. It was just amazing, it allowed me to be independent and move directly into Cambridge. There was no way I’d be able to do that previously.

“I love the green open spaces; my apartment looks out over the cricket oval and the sunrises over there are amazing. I like the way Eddington is for everyone.”

Kingsley Gale-Sides
Vikash Singh with his family
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