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Sound of our Souls Group Gong Bath Meditation

Monday 13th May 2024 11:00am - 12:15pm

Location: Turing Locke

A gong bath is a type of inactive meditation, where you lie down and ‘bathe’ in the healing vibrations of sound.

Sound therapy initiates the body’s innate capacities for self-healing. The sound waves entrain the brain waves into the patterns associated with relaxation, meditation, creativity and even the release of feel good hormones resulting in pain relief.

You will start the session in a seated position for a simple breathwork and meditation practice for around 15-20 minutes to begin the process of getting out of our heads, into our bodies and relaxing. Then you will lie down if this is comfortable for you (relevant adjustments can be made) while I facilitate a sound experience. Easing you in gently with the crystal bowl and tongue drum, the main set will then be with the gong, alternating between gentle strokes and more dynamic, immersive playing, finishing with some soothing chimes to gently bring you back and a long silence to give time for your body and psyche to integrate the experience.

For more information and ticket prices, click here on the Eventbrite page.

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