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Pro Wrestling EAST’s Season 2 Premiere

Saturday 25th February 2023 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: Storey’s Field Centre

Cambridge’s Pro Wrestling EAST spent last year creating a buzz with their mixture of storytelling and intense action, and will carry that through to 2023 at the launch of the  second season this month.

Fresh off their tournament victories in November, Charlie Morgan and RJ Singh will be defending their PWE Women’s and Men’s Championships respectively, as well as several more exciting contests:

· PWE Women’s Championship – Charlie Morgan (champion) vs. Lana Austin

· PWE Men’s Championship – RJ Singh (champion) vs. Peter Nixon· Fight and Flight (Beau Belles & Skye O. Shure) vs. Nova Nox & Rob Drake

· Super Raffle Bros (Kharnage & Tim Lee) vs. Team DXB (Fayez & MK)

· Kelly Van Ness vs. Safire Reed

· Charles Crowley, Rex Armstrong, Tommy Kyle and Truman Roswell confirmed to appear

The Pizza-My-Heart van will be serving delicious meals outside, while PWE resident DJ Chris Groove will be providing music in the foyer.

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