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Healthy Nudge

Tuesday 18th June 2024

Location: Eddington Square


The University of Cambridge Sports Service and Healthy Nudge are working in collaboration to empower you with invaluable insights into your current health status, enabling more informed decisions to propel your training and lifestyle choices forward.

Here’s a snapshot of the key metrics our health check covers, each playing a pivotal role in shaping your fitness trajectory and discovering more about your health:


  • Total Cholesterol (Health Check PLUS only)
  • Blood Glucose (Health Check PLUS only)Body Composition: Gain an understanding of muscle and fat distribution, paving the way for tailored workout and nutrition strategies for optimal results.
  • Peak Flow: Measure your lung function, a vital aspect in optimising cardiovascular fitness and endurance during your workouts.
  • Blood Pressure: Monitor your blood pressure levels to assess cardiovascular health, ensuring a holistic approach to your overall well-being.
  • Oxygen Saturation: Evaluate the efficiency of oxygen delivery to your muscles, providing insights to enhance stamina and performance during your exercises.
  • Resting Pulse Rate: Track your heart rate at rest, offering insights into your cardiovascular fitness and recovery.
  • Grip Strength: Assess overall strength and potential muscle imbalances, guiding a well-rounded strength training regime.


To book in for your health check, please visit www.healthynudge.co.uk/bookings

Sessions cost £15-£30.

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