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4 October 2023

Tele-Giraffe News: MrASingh announced as the artist of Eddington's Giraffe Sculpture

Multi-award winning artist, MrASingh, has been selected to be the artist behind the creation of the giraffe at Eddington as part of the 2024 Cambridge Standing Tall art trail created by the charity, Break.

Amrit Singh, also known as MrASingh, creates vibrant, colourful artworks, channelling his passion for nature and world culture into his vivid and textured sculptures. With over 15 years’ experience in the creative industries, Amrit has collaborated with top brands and local communities and amassed a global fanbase, using his digital platform to amplify his work in the arts and culture. His work has been showcased in prestigious locations including The Wallace Collection in London and Mission Art 415 in San Francisco, and next year, his commissions will include Eddington, Cambridge.

Amrit based himself in Cambridge for the painting of his eight-foot giraffe in Autumn 2023. He explained: “The artistic design of the giraffe is based on the idea of a creative and cosmic wanderer: a person who ventures to new places, and the excitement and wonder of exploring new frontiers. It’s also inspired by the imagination and all the fantastic places our minds can create. It is abstract landscape which uses elements of nature and space with vibrant colours, bold shapes, metallics and texture which invites you to touch and experience the artwork.”

The inspiration of the artwork is taken from the name of the neighbourhood, Eddington, whose namesake, Sir Arthur Eddington, was an esteemed astrophysicist and Cambridge alumnus. The themes reflect the spirit of the Eddington community and will create a vibrant and striking artwork for Eddington Square in Spring 2024.

View MrASingh’s work on and

MrASingh will have two sculptures as part of the Cambridge trail
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