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8 April 2020

Naked Scientists podcast recorded at Eddington

In March 2020 the Naked Scientists recorded an episode of their podcast in front of a live audience at Eddington as part in the Cambridge Science Festival 2020.

The explosive hour of Festival science fun featured a host of sensational scientists, exciting experiments and demonstrations.

Eleanor Drinkwater: Beetle enthusiast doing research on woodlice personalities, Eleanor has recently been featured in a documentary about her expedition to the rainforests of French Guiana to study the behaviour of the titan beetle.

David Rothery: volcano expert and professor of planetary geosciences at The Open University, David has advised on BBC science programmes including Stargazing Live and The Planets.

Ljiljana Fruk: Chemist, advisor to the chefs, chocolate designer and expert on things at very small scales, Dr Ljiljana Fruk runs a bionano engineering research lab at Cambridge University.

Giles Yeo: Cambridge University geneticist, obesity expert, author and BBC presenter, Dr Giles Yeo has presented BBC Horizon programmes and regularly features on Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.


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