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20 March 2024

Introducing Cosmic Explorer

Eddington is backing the Cambridge Standing Tall art trail which has been organised by the charity Break. Over the next ten weeks, 31 large giraffe sculptures will decorate the city of Cambridge; the proceeds of which support the aspirations of young care leavers in the region.

Two giraffes will be located at Eddington, and they have been sponsored by the University of Cambridge and Hill for Knights Park.

Cosmic Explorer

Eddington Square will be home to Cosmic Explorer.  Designed and hand decorated by MrASingh, Cosmic Explorer depicts the wonder of planet earth and the possibilities of the universe with colour, texture and detail. It is an artwork which artistically reflects the neighbourhood namesake, Sir Arthur Eddington, who was an esteemed astrophysicist and Cambridge alumnus, as well as the community within Eddington.

Artist MrASingh, also known as Amrit Singh explained: “The artistic design of the giraffe is based on the idea of a creative and cosmic wanderer: a person who ventures to new places, and the excitement and wonder of exploring new frontiers. It’s also inspired by the imagination and all the fantastic places our minds can create. It is abstract landscape which uses elements of nature and space with vibrant colours, bold shapes, metallics and texture which invites you to touch and experience the artwork. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the public will react and enjoy the artwork at Eddington.”

Biky Wan, Eddington’s Marketing Manager from the University of Cambridge said “As a growing neighbourhood, we have an increasing social offer for our residents and the wider community. Activation and creating a vibrant place are part of our immediate plans for Eddington, and we are thrilled to bring a striking temporary artwork as part of the Cambridge Standing Tall art trail for the community to enjoy and to be supporting Break’s work with young people in care.”

The Giraffodil

The Giraffodil will be located outside the Knights Park Marketing Suite on Eddington Avenue and has been decorated by talented artist, Sally Adams. It reflects the open green spaces and biodiversity at Eddington in an eye-catching sculpture.

Mini Gs

As well as the giant giraffes, three ‘Mini G’ giraffe sculptures are located in Eddington to form a mini trail and are part of Cambridge Standing Tall’s Learning & Community Programme.

One of the Mini Gs was decorated by school children from the University of Cambridge Primary School and is named Biddulph, after the founding headteacher of the school. Biddulph sits alongside ‘Feeling Herd’ which was decorated by Break’s young people in Storey’s Field Centre.

Giraffe Lampada is the last Mini G located in Eddington and sits within the marketing suite of Knights Park.


University sponsorship elsewhere

The University of Cambridge has sponsored a large Giraffe called Growth which will be located outside Great St Mary’s Church on Senate House Hill in the centre of Cambridge. It has been designed and painted by East Anglian artist Charlie Stafford. Charlie also worked with a small group of students, who are care experienced or estranged, to produce a Mini G, Gerard, which will be in the Grand Arcade.

Hubert – the promotional giraffe for the Cambridge Standing Tall Trail – will be outside the door to the West Hub (on the Ray Dolby Centre side).

The Cambridge Standing Tall trail runs from 21 March – 2 June 2024.

Find out more about the Standing Tall Trail at: 

Cosmic Explorer
The Giraffodil
Biddulph the Mini G decorated by school children from the University of Cambridge Primary School
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