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27 May 2020

Eddington Number Challenge returns

As the weather gets warmer we would like to invite you to take part in the Eddington Number Challenge.

The Eddington Number campaign was devised to get more people cycling, running and walking in the Cambridge area.

The campaign is based around the Eddington number for cycling – which takes its name from its inventor, Sir Arthur Eddington, who was also the astrophysicist, astronomer and mathematician that the new district is named after.

The Eddington Number is a way of measuring your cycling and walking progress and mileage. It is the largest number of miles you have cycled or walked on the same number of days. The days do not need to be consecutive.

If you cycle or walk five miles a day for five days, you will have an Eddington Number of five. But if you only cycle or walk one mile a day, you will have an Eddington Number of one whether you cycled for one day or 100 days.

You can calculate your Eddington Number on our dedicated website and also join the Eddington Number community on Strava to get inspiration for local rides and see how other riders are taking part in the challenge.

Whether you’re starting out or speeding off, there is an Eddington Number for everyone. If you are new to cycling, you might try to increase your Eddington Number by one, or if you already cycle or walk a lot you could try to increase it by five.

It is easy to calculate your Eddington Number, simply create an account and off you go!

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