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15 June 2020

Eddington ArtScapers launch new publication

The ArtScapers programme has launched a new publication to encourage schools to engage with art and exploration.

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, a Cambridge arts and well-being charity, has released ArtScapers: being and becoming creative. The free publication aims to challenge educational thinking and practice and demonstrate what happens for a school when they invite children and artists to adventure together in the world around them.

The publication is free to read here as a PDF.  Hard copies of the publication are also available from the  Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination shop.

The ArtScapers programme creatively explores Eddington and Cambridge with artists and local primary school communities, and is funded by the North West Cambridge Development Public Art Programme.

ArtScapers, developed by Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, supports young people and their school communities to become confident citizens constructing their own cultural lives.

The project builds partnerships with schools bordering Eddington. Children and the adults who work with them take on the role of ArtScapers exploring their city as it grows.

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