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15 December 2017

Community come together for Christmas

Dozens of families made their way to Eddington to celebrate the development’s first Christmas open to the public on 13th December.

Open to members of the public, there were a series of family-friendly activities throughout the afternoon and evening.

Highlights included face painting, arts and crafts and Christmas dancing in the Postdoc Centre. Father Christmas made a special appearance, speaking to over 30 children about what they wanted for Christmas.

As well as local families, Rev Dr Janet Bunker, Team Vicar from the Church at Castle, led a choir of carol singers from the neighbouring community at Kings Court off Huntingdon Road to the 30-foot Christmas tree in Market Square at Eddington.

The free event was hosted by the local authorities’ Community Development team in partnership with the Storey’s Field Centre and the University’s North West Cambridge Development team.

The Storey’s Field Centre is the new community facility which will open in the New Year. It is a key part of the vision for the North West Cambridge Development, offering a space for the community to come together with people from Eddington and the surrounding area. The centre is run by the Storey’s Field Community Trust, which is a unique joint venture between Cambridge City Council and the University of Cambridge.

Lisa Pollitt, Community Development Officer for Cambridge City Council, said: “It has been wonderful seeing the local community coming together for this festive event. Christmas is a great time for neighbours to get to know each other and it was lovely to be able to put this event on and help that happen. To see the University and City Council working together to assist in establishing the Eddington community is really special. I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who contributed refreshments and activities for the day – and of course Father Christmas who took time out of his busy schedule to pay the children of Eddington a visit!”

Heather Topel, Project Director of the North West Cambridge Development, said: “We really enjoyed seeing families and neighbours enjoying the Christmas season at Eddington. It is incredibly gratifying to see our vision of an inclusive and open local community come to life within the development. Through community outreach and events at the Storey’s Field Centre and working with the local authorities, we will continue to build connections between Eddington residents and other parts of Cambridge.”

The Christmas celebration was a first of many events being planned which will include a diverse range of activities for the whole community for 2018 and beyond.

The Community Development team will be based at the new Storey’s Field Centre which opens in 2018. Local community and interest groups can enquire to book space by contacting the Storey’s Field Centre team. Full listings about events will also be available on their website in the New Year.

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