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7 March 2019

Civic Trust Award win for Storey’s Field Centre and Eddington Nursery

The Storey’s Field Centre and Eddington Nursery have been awarded a prestigious Civic Trust Award.

The buildings, at the heart of the new community developed by the University of Cambridge, received recognition for positive contribution to the local community as well as showing excellence in design and accessibility.

Designed by architects MUMA, the buildings also received the Special Award for Sustainability. The accolade is presented to only one winner who demonstrates excellent sustainability credentials in terms of overall design, materials, construction and long-term energy use.

Eddington has been designed and built to high standards in sustainability to help protect the environment.  This includes energy generation though solar panels, high levels of insulation, ventilation and energy saving to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Heather Topel, Project Director of the North West Cambridge Development, said: “We are delighted to have received this award. The University and MUMA have worked extensively with local communities to create a community building and performing arts venue, as well as a nursery, which people locally and beyond can take great pleasure in visiting and provides a heart of the new community. ”

Councillor Kevin Blencowe, Cambridge City Council and Trustee of the Storey’s Field Community Trust, commented: “It is a great honour to receive this award that recognises projects that have made a positive contribution to the local communities they serve. It has been exciting to witness the development of this marvellous community centre and I know it will be well used by residents and groups both from the new neighbourhood itself and from the immediate locality and all parts of the city.”

John Davies, Head of Sustainability at sponsor Derwent London, Civic Trust Awards National Judging Panel comments: “The Storey’s Field Centre and Eddington Nursery clearly demonstrated to the panel that it was built with the future mind.  As a result, this project clearly stood out as one which has been not only thoughtfully designed, but beautifully detailed and executed.  It really shows that flair and functionality can sit side by side.”

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