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26 September 2019

Chance to name future streets of Eddington

We are inviting local residents, neighbours and University members to give suggestions for place names as Eddington continues to grow.

We would very much value suggestions that will inform and enhance our strategy of natural naming.

Natural naming ideas may include:

  • Naming after physical features of the site, drawing closely on the characteristics of their location and the existing natural landscape.
  • Naming after people with a strong connection with the University.

Please send you suggestions to us by completing a very short online form with your suggested name and a brief rationale for the suggestion. We hope that members from all communities can have interesting and insightful suggestions, whether you are a local resident, alumnus, staff member or student.

You can submit your suggestions by completing the form here.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the sense of place and community at Eddington and impact the future of this new part of Cambridge.

Any road names would be subject to the approval of the University Council, Post Office and the Emergency Services, and Cambridge City Council or South Cambridgeshire Council as appropriate, depending on their location.

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