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5 March 2024

Cambridge Design and Construction Awards 2024

Turing Locke was the winner of the Cambridge Design and Construction Awards in 2024 for best new landscape.

The judges commented on the landscape: “This is an ambitious and innovative project for a new hotel complex at Eddington, which has placed a garden and generous planting scheme at the heart of the hotel’s operation. Moreover the whole area is welcoming and open to the public, providing an important new area of attractive public space for Eddington.  

“We believe it’s the first time a hotel has taken this approach, particularly for outdoor spaces, and we enjoyed the oasis-like result. The scheme creates attractive, accessible public spaces of different characters where parents meet children from school, and outdoor yoga classes and community events are held, while providing a beautiful green thoroughfare and courtyard, unusual in Eddington’s still-maturing public spaces. The ‘woodland’ area is beginning to mature and the planting in the undercroft (including large tree ferns) has settled successfully.  We particularly liked the ‘green screens’ between the apartment rooms on the first floor and would like it even more if greenery could climb still higher. 

“The water irrigation systems are part of the overall water management/SUDS scheme for Eddington and there are solar panels on the roof and EV chargers in the car park basement.  Accessibility is designed into the hotel’s core operation and appears to work well.  We particularly commend the high quality implementation and maintenance which will keep this scheme looking and feeling beautiful.”


The Cambridge Design and Construction Awards were announced by the local authorities’ shared planning service in a ceremony on 4 March 2024.

Turing Locke opened in 2022 and is the hotel located in the centre of Eddington. The courtyard is an oasis of calm and a place of regular events for hotel guests and the wider community, having featured yoga, outdoor cinema, music and more in the space. The hotel is one of the great social places in Eddington that people can enjoy.

You can see who else is shortlisted in the 2024 awards here.



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