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30 May 2019

Behind-the scenes at Eddington’s energy centre

Visitors to Eddington in Cambridge are invited to take a tour of the new energy centre helping to make the new district an environmentally friendly community.

The tours will take place on Saturday 15 June and are part of a wider day of learning, fun and activities the Eddington Discovery Day.

The energy centre uses gas to generate heating and hot water for the homes at Eddington distributed via a district heating network – meaning residents do not need their own boiler.  This means for efficient use of resources, providing greener, more environmentally friendly heating, hot water and energy. It is a vital part of Eddington’s sustainability strategy.

Many buildings are also fitted with solar panels to generate energy.

Book your place on the tours below:

Energy Centre tour 10am

Energy Centre 1pm 

Eddington is a sustainable community and is setting a new standard in sustainable living, with innovative and unique infrastructure integrated across the development to help residents lead more sustainable lives.

Recycling is a high priority at Eddington with underground chutes replace thousands of traditional wheelie bins in an innovative waste disposal system, the largest of its kind in the country.

Eddington is also home to one of the UK’s largest site-wide water recycling system that channels rainwater which is then collected in lakes. The water is reused in buildings across Eddington for things like washing machines and toilet flushing.

As well as reducing water usage, this aims to minimise the risk of localised flooding in an area that can be prone to it.

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