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21 June 2024

Travel Plan Award for the Development

Eddington’s ‘residential travel plan’ has been accredited as ‘very good’ by travel plan national accreditor’s Modeshift at the University of Cambridge – Sustainability Showcase hosted at the Storey’s Field Centre this week.

National STARS* accreditation is awarded to education, business, and community settings that go above and beyond in developing, implementing, and monitoring an effective travel plan to change travel behaviour and reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle journeys to, from, and between their sites.

This is Eddington’s second national STARS accreditation, with the University of Cambridge Primary School receiving its Modeshift Stars ‘Good’ accreditation in May 2022. At the school, surveys have revealed that 76% of students choose eco-friendly options to travel to school, reflecting a culture of environmental consciousness ingrained within the younger generation of Eddington and the wider community.

The University of Cambridge’s Environmental Sustainability team reported on the annual travel survey earlier this year that 89% of Eddington’s residents opt for sustainable modes of transport when commuting to work. Residents choose modes such as cycling, walking, scooting, or using the Universal bus to reduce the congestion in the local area.

Mike Davies, Transport Team Manager at the University of Cambridge, commented: “This accreditation is a testament to the strong partnership between the Eddington Transport Stakeholder group and the University.

“We have been engaged with this group since the travel plan was formed. We work together to share knowledge and experiences and help promote the delivery of a range of sustainable transport interventions with our local delivery experts to ensure the best value for money and achieve the impact required under our planning conditions with Cambridgeshire County Council.

“We are grateful for all the stakeholders’ support on our sustainability journey. We hope the community will continue embracing active travel and public transport to maintain a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood.”

The University has been instrumental in delivering behaviour change interventions, including parking management, funding the Universal Bus, and providing cycling initiatives to encourage active travel. These include a Cycle Loan scheme and tailored cycle training, as well as regular free Dr Bike maintenance checks and offering tailored personalised travel plans to all residents.

Matt Johnson, Head of Development for North West Cambridge, University of Cambridge, was presented with the accreditation at the Sustainability Showcase, and commented: “The travel survey highlights the tangible results of our vision, showcasing Eddington as a benchmark for sustainable development both locally and globally. By championing active travel and public transport, we not only mitigate environmental impacts but also cultivate a vibrant, healthier neighbourhood for our residents.

“Eddington stands as a testament to our ambition and innovation, a pioneering venture in sustainable living within a thoughtfully designed and well connected part of Cambridge. Together, we are redefining urban living, empowering individuals to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle and fostering a community where quality of life thrives.”

With a progressive approach to transportation and sustainability, Eddington serves as a model for communities striving to build a greener and more sustainable future.



Data taken from the University of Cambridge’s Eddington Annual Travel Survey in 2023, and released in 2024. 254 respondents were surveyed in October 2023 to form the findings of this report which was submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council published by the local authorities as part of the requirement to monitor the development travel plan.

* Launched in 2008, the Modeshift STARS is supported by the Department for Transport and has seen over 6,000 sites in England achieve accreditation since its inception.


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