Markus Hellenbrand

Discover the mind behind the research that is developing materials for more energy-efficient information storage in computers.

About the researcher

Markus Hellenbrand is a postdoctoral Research Associate working for the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. His current research is concerned with the development of materials for more energy-efficient information storage in computers.

Markus always dreamt about working for the University of Cambridge and living in Eddington made it possible.



With the increasing demand for online information and computing power, energy consumption increases rapidly.


A view into the lab.

To protect the environment and supply everyone with the required computing power and access to information, we need new forms of computer memory.

Our researchers’ team is working on materials properties that can be changed controllably, allowing us to deviate from the traditional way of storing information on a computer which was based on charging or discharging certain elements and responsible for significant and inefficient energy consumption.

This innovative approach is a complete renewal of how information is stored, and it benefits the environment as it can be achieved at a significantly lower energy cost.


Currently, our research is close to real-life application.

We are working on a patent that hopefully will open doors for starting a spin-off business or licencing the patents to an established company to bring our research into products.

The deposition chamber.


It has been my dream to work at one of the most prestigious universities in the world: the University of Cambridge.

When I was offered the position as a research associate, I was thrilled but worried about moving to the UK during the pandemic and finding a place to call home.

Eddington made my dream come true and my life easier, as I now live in a good-quality and high standard apartment just 10 minutes by foot down the road to my department. I really enjoy living here because it is very convenient, and it works perfectly for me.


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