Two high-quality sports pitches, a trim-trail and pavilions are available for residents and neighbours to get active and enjoy.


Sports Facilities

Suitable for football, cricket, and other field sports, these pitches are open for community use at competitive prices.

A sports pavilion and cricket clubhouse complete the suite of high-quality facilities.

The University Sports Centre on the West Cambridge site is also open to the community. For membership and enquiries, visit their website.

If you or someone you know is interested in using the sports pitches on the Development, please click on the link below or email us at and the team will be happy to assist.

Facilities at Eddington

  • Football pitch – Full sized (110 x 70 yards) football pitch and sports equipment (goal posts, nets, corner flags, etc.)
  • Mini pitches – Two 5-a-side football pitches (50 x 30 yards) and sports equipment (goal posts, nets, corner flags, etc.)​
  • Trim Trail and surrounding grounds – Trim trail consists of seven different pieces of sports apparatus that can be used in a circuit. It has parallel bars, a chin-up bar, run and leap, rope climb, an ab bench, a tyre run, as well as equipment for stride jumps. Perfect for boot camps or similar.
  • Cricket pitch – Cricket pitch (40m boundary) and sports equipment (wickets, cricket screens, etc.). Please note, only softball cricket and junior cricket up to under 13 level can be hosted, due to the size and nature of the boundary.
  • Sports pavilion – Sports pavilion with changing rooms and shower facilities (max 80 people), toilets (6 + 2 disabled), and storage areas.
  • Cricket pavilion – Cricket pavilion with changing rooms and shower facilities, official’s changing room, toilets (3 + 1 disabled), club room, kitchen area, and storage areas.

Sport and physical activities at Eddington

Please see the above interactive map of sporting activities and classes in the Eddington area. There is a list of activities on the left hand side menu. When you click on an activity on the menu or the map, the venue and a contact details will appear.


The Storey’s Field Centre hosts range of fitness, health and wellbeing sessions including:

  • Barre – Combining elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet, set to music
  • Jazzercise  – A combination of aerobic exercise and dance fitness that is available for all ages and fitness levels
  • Children’s Ballet  –  inspiring children in ballet and dance
  • Nourish Yourself Yoga  – breath-lead movement that is sequential and safe to bring about structural stability and fluidity in the body
  • lyengar Yoga  – strong emphasis on body alignment and precision within all of the postures
  • Ashtanga Yoga – dynamic yoga style that combines breath and movement
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