Driving at Eddington

Cars at Eddington

Parking at Eddington

As part of its sustainability goals, there is limited access through Eddington Avenue and little on-street parking for visitors at Eddington.



Please note that there are rising bollards along Eddington Avenue Monday-Friday between 7am and 7pm. Only buses and approved vehicles will be able to access Eddington Avenue during this time. All other vehicles must travel via Turing Way.

If you are a registered taxi driver and wish to become an approved vehicle please complete this online form.



Paid-for parking is in operation across the neighbourhood, as follows:

  • Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm (including public holidays)
  • Sat – Sun: 10:00am-5:00pm (including public holidays)
  • The first 60 minutes is free, then £1 for every 30 minutes thereafter up to the maximum stay. Drivers must still obtain a ticket or register their vehicle by phone or app for the first 60 minutes.
  • A maximum stay of 4 hours applies in the spaces on Eddington Avenue and 2 hours elsewhere at Eddington
  • No return within 2 hours applies in the spaces on Eddington Avenue and one hour elsewhere at Eddington
  • Permit holder only areas include: Ryle Yard, University of Cambridge Primary School car park, Turing Way underground car park, Athena properties.

In addition there are free parking spaces available in the Sainsbury’s underground car park (for a maximum of 90 minutes) and at the Madingley Road Park and Ride, a short walk from Eddington.


Payment terminals have been placed in several key locations for visitors to pay for their parking or obtain tickets for the free 60 minutes. These machines are cashless and only accept debit/credit card. If the machines are out of order then drivers have the option to use the Redde app in order to register their vehicle and pay for parking at Eddington, as is stated on the on-street signage. This can be done by using the app, or if people do not have smart phones, the text service or by phone.

It is recommended that drivers use the Redde app, which allows you to easily register for free parking or pay for longer periods in advance from the comfort of your home without having to use ticket machines.


Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders can park for free without using the machines or Redde app, in marked disabled bays only and when displaying a parking clock. Maximum stay limits apply. Tariffs and restrictions apply for all non-disabled bays.


Parking Charge Notices

Parking Charge Notices are issued to all drivers, including Blue Badge holders, for parking violations, including but not limited to:

  • Parking on double yellow lines, or in areas which are not designed as vehicle parking bays, including on the grass, pavements or bin bays.
  • Parking in a disabled bay without a valid Blue Badge
  • Parking in a permit-only area (e.g. school car park or Ryle Yard) without a valid permit
  • Parking for a longer period than that paid for using the payment facility

Parking Charge Limited formerly issued notification slips on the windscreens of vehicles were found to be violating any parking restrictions. However the Government has since banned all parking enforcement companies and authorities nationally from issuing notification slips, so Parking Charge Limited have been forced to stop using them. Parking Charge Notices are not physically issued on cars as they go through a confirmation process and will arrive by post within 14 days of being issued. This is consistent with parking enforcement on private land across the country.

If drivers have been issued with a Parking Charge Notice through the post, it will contain the relevant contact details of the enforcement team. If drivers wish to appeal the Parking Charge Notice they must direct any relevant information and evidence to the enforcement team listed on the Parking Charge Notice itself.

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