Driving at Eddington

Cars at Eddington

E-Car Club

The University has partnered with E-Car Club, a low-emission car club to enable Eddington site users to hire a car for short periods of time.

E-Car Club vehicles are parked at Eddington, giving residents access to a car when they need it – perfectly maintained without the hassle or expense of ownership.

Eddington residents benefit from free membership and two hours of drive time.

Located across Cambridge (including in car parking spaces on University sites) you will also be able to find Zipcars. University staff can use the vehicles for travelling at work or for personal use.

Parking at Eddington

As part of its sustainability goals, there is limited on-street parking for visitors at Eddington. Paid-for parking is in operation across the neighbourhood, as follows:

  • Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm (including public holidays)
  • Sat – Sun: 10:00am – 5:00pm (including public holidays)
  • The first 60 minutes is free, then £1 for every 30 minutes thereafter up to the maximum stay. Drivers must still obtain a ticket or register their vehicle by phone for the first 60 minutes.
  • A maximum stay of 2 hours applies in most spaces (4 hours for the spaces near Storey’s Field Centre and sports pitches).
  • No return within one hour in most spaces (no return within 2 hours where there is a maximum stay of 4 hours).

Payment terminals are placed in four locations across Eddington for visitors to pay for their parking. Drivers are also able to pay by phone with Redde (phone call, text or mobile app).

Portal will be issuing Parking Charge Notices to drivers for parking violations, including:

  • Parking on double yellow lines, or in areas which are not designed as vehicle parking bays, including the bin bays and the turning circle in Ryle Yard
  • Parking in a disabled bay without a valid blue badge
  • Parking in a permit holder area (Ryle Yard or underground car park) without a valid permit
  • Parking for a longer period than that paid for using the payment facility

We would like to remind visitors that you can park in the Madingley Road Park & Ride for free.

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