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Blog: Cambridge Science Festival and comedy at Eddington

Rob Coleman, Custard Comedy promoter and comedian

As Eddington takes part in the Cambridge Science Festival 2020, two comedy acts from Custard Comedy are taking the stage on March 12.

First up is Matt Hobs, with his show BSc (Bristolian of Science). Matt is a failed scientist, it would be fair to say. He loves science, and when he first started his science career he thought he was going to win the Nobel Prize within a couple of years and it didn’t quite work out that way! His show is about his hubris, failure and redefining your success while also talking about science.

Meanwhile Raul Kohli’s show, The Kohli Bible, explores how religion and science can co-exist. Raul is going to explore religion, faith, belonging and identity and you can come and watch him try and prove God exists. Part of the joy of science is that you investigate all sorts of things and this may be a challenge for some scientists.

Within the Science Festival there is a lot of serious stuff going on – and quite rightly so – but there’s also a place for comedy as well. People get a lot more if they can laugh while they’re learning. While these shows are designed to be funny first and learning second there is a learning element to what they are discussing. If we can get people to laugh while they learn then that’s brilliant. Hopefully people will come away enriched as well as having had a fun night out.

As well as the Science Festival one-offs, Custard Comedy run a regular monthly comedy night at the Storey’s Field Centre. The nights run until May and if that goes well they will hopefully extend into the autumn. Judging from the first comedy night there this year – on Valentine’s night, where we were pretty much sold out – it will hopefully do really well.

The Storey’s Field Centre is the hub of the Eddington community and an astonishing venue, it’s almost too good for comedy. The way it’s been put together and the sound is just fantastic and I hope it will go from strength to strength.

Comedy and laughter should be an integral part of people’s lives. It’s a well-known fact that laughing is good for you: it releases endorphins and makes you feel happier about yourself. If we can get people to laugh as part of a larger community then we’ve done our job. We set out to give people a really good night, and if we can do that then hopefully they’ll keep coming back.

Matt Hobs and Raul Kohli are performing at the Storey’s Field Centre on Thursday March 12 from 7.30pm.

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