Street names to reflect Cambridge's history

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Inspired by Cambridge: street names at Eddington

Eddington is proudly rooted in the University of Cambridge. The neighbourhood is open to all and is home to a multi-cultural community with many of the University’s post-doctoral researchers calling Eddington home.

What’s in a name?

Our namesake is Sir Arthur Eddington, a Cambridge graduate, an astronomer, mathematician and physicist, whose observations confirmed some key predictions of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and led to its general acceptance. Eddington worked at the nearby Observatory and is buried in the nearby Ascension Parish Burial Ground meaning he had a deep connection with this part of the City.

Street names around Eddington carry significance to help build our community and connection to the University and local surrounds. Burkitt, Garrod, Kendrew, Ryle, Turing, Wileman are all names associated with people who are connected to the University.

Pheasant, Brook, Five acres are references to natural features and names taken from the old map when the area was farmland.

As you walk around the neighbourhood, appreciate the cues to the University’s historic achievements and feel comforted that the community of brilliant minds living at Eddington are making steps to enrich the lives of others through their research work that has an impact on society.



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