Putting people at the heart of the project

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Community Development

Eddington will be home to a community of approximately 8500 people when the scheme is fully realised.

The team have been working with the local authorities, neighbours, stakeholder groups and partners to realise the vision for the development.

The importance of the community in Eddington is demonstrated in the delivery of the community facilities from the outset. The school, community centre, supermarket and parks and play areas are in the first phase of the scheme which will enable people to enjoy the facilities at the start.

In addition to the facilities here, the community investment includes further contributions to education, community facilities and supporting officers, public realm, transport and connectivity. All of this investment aims to create a long-lasting and sustainable place.

Working with the Local Authorities

Eddington welcomes people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, into this vibrant, supportive new community.

The University works collaboratively with the local authorities to build a community and plan the future of Eddington.

At the Storey’s Field Centre the community can take part in everything from ballet to woodwork. There are dozens of new community groups open to both the general public and Eddington’s residents.

Based on-site, our Community Development Officers are here to help facilitate residents and visitors from getting the most out of their time at Eddington, and empower them to define their own community.

Contact our Community Development Officers with any questions you might have about getting involved or enjoying activities around Eddington.

In addition to the University engagement, the local authorities undertake local engagement with residents and communities, including the North West Community Forum.

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